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A relationship site for Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore.

Welcome! Even though we're preaching to the converted, please allow for this brief moment of explanation into the reasons for some good, old fashioned Snape/Dumbledore.

It's really quite simple. Witness.

Premise 1: The only way someone would be willing to put up with someone like Snape would be if he was a devil in the sack.

Premise 2: Dumbledore is the only one who puts up with Snape.

Premise 3: Ergo, they must be making the beast with two backs. It's only logical.

Premise 4: You go read the fics which are a good deal more serious than this.

We're password protected, but you can get all that at Inkstained Fingers! We use their password and it's easy to get it from them since it's all automated.

So... head on into the archive

Dumbledore and Snape. Why the heck not?

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